Unpacking Social Media at Tourism Australia’s IMM

Tourism Australia's forefront social media (SM) team hosted an International Media Marketplace (IMM) workshop for the first time in Cairns, tied into the 2014 Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE).

Off Piste 4WD Tours' was kindly invited to speak along with 9 other leading SM specialists and digital leaders from around Australia sheding light on the complex marketing channels. Ben, building up the Off Piste 4WD Tours' brand and business from ground up and launching it all through SM captured the hearts of Tourism Australia and felt it was a wonderful example to share the story with the marketing experts that attended the 2-day workshop. This included Fairfax Media, a range of press representatives, Aussie tourism commissions and leading tourism resorts and operators.

A fantastic opportunity and a successful workshop that will continue to unravel the mystery of SM and keep leading users up to date with the marketing channel that is without doubt a moving beast.

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