Meeting the Minister

I had the fortunate opportunity to meet with South Australia's Minister of Tourism, Hon. Leon Bignell MP at his offices yesterday to introduce Off Piste 4WD Tours, and to discuss new tourism products entering the (Fleurieu Peninsula) market. Leon Bignell has held the electoral seat of Mawson that sits in the northern region of Fleurieu Peninsula for over 6 years. We discussed a number of topics that ranged from the risk and daunting costs of business start-up, the importance of passion, the government support that is available, and the exciting prospect of making a dream product a sustainable reality for the long-term. We also talked about what we (tour operators) need to do to make new products 'game changers' and how to drive the business toward a halo brand for South Australia, making it stand out from the crowd.

Building up a tourism business in South Australia isn't easy. There are many hoops to jump through. Government support is key and understanding processes, in which a person can start up a tourism business, especially in the regional areas outside Adelaide (eg: Fleurieu Peninsula) is fundamental. The Minister fully acknowledged the importance of the support that Off Piste 4WD Tours has received from both the Regional Tourism representative, Miranda Lang of Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism (FPT) and Paul Mullen at the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC).  Working one-on-one with FPT and SATC has assisted the business with key preparations to ensure that the new 4WD Fleurieu adventure is product ready for tourism.

The discussion rounded off with an acknowledgement that while the alignment between Government and small business requires a lot of time and investment from both business owners and the Government, it is invaluable in assisting the creation of successful tourism products for the South Australian tourism portfolio.

It was exciting to see that our new Tourism Minister, a true ambassador for the region, fully supports new product business growth for the Fleurieu Peninsula and warmly welcomed Off Piste 4WD Tours.

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